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Disaster Recovery: The Most Critical Part To Data Backups That Most Companies Overlook

Last October Super Storm Sandy ripped through New Jersey causing massive devastation. If you were fortunate, you only had to suffer through minor interruptions of utility services, with others paying a far steeper price. In fact, a colleague of mine who also offers IT services had his office in Joplin reduced to a pile of rubble by an EF5 tornado in 2011. This got me thinking about how important disaster recovery planning is to any business.

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month:

The Flip Pal
The Flip Pal Mobile scanner has no wires and scans directly to a SD Card (just like a camera).

Have you ever come across a picture that you wanted to scan but were afraid to take it out of the album because it was stuck? With the Flip Pal, you can leave it in the album and place the scanner right over the picture and get the scan without having to disturb anything.

Are You Getting “Scroogled” By Google?

If you use Google for search, Gmail for e-mail or an Android phone as your smart phone then, according to Microsoft, you’re getting “scroogled” daily!  What exactly does that mean?  Well, according to www.scroogled.com, it means that Google systematically uses your private information that it collects online through your search, your emails, your Android app store purchases and more to sell more ads.

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month:

Intel Ultrabook Convertible

The Intel-based Ultrabook Convertible is one of the most cutting-edge on-the-go laptops to date. Quite simply, it’s a laptop when you need it and a tablet when you want it.

Ultrabook with touch display, using Windows 8, delivers stunning graphics and the ultimate in precision and control.